Development of Bunken

2011 – Results
In 2011, our first target was to give back 3 stars to Bunken Strand Camping. This with a high standard of cleaning and maintenance. The campsite must at all times be neat and orderly and our campingguests are welcomed with a smile and good humor. We are proud to say that we have achieved this goal.
We have build a few extra family bathrooms and one more baby/toddler bathroom. Furthermore, we changed electricity at more than half of the pitches from 6 amps to at least 10 amps.

2012 – Results
In 2012 we started the renovation of our playgrounds. For example, have we build a new cable car and 2 new playhouses. We also made a campfire place close to the dunes, which everyone is free to use. In the ‘living room’ we have a new TV.
2012 was also the year we started to offer Quickstop for campervans in the parking lot outside the gate. Here campersvans can stay for a lower price, but still use our facilities on the campsite. There is also the possibility of Quick Stop on the site within the gate – for a slightly lower price than the normal prices.  Campervans are also welcome to stay with us for a longer stay, but for those that need a short night, Quickstop is a good camping option.

We finally got permission from the municipality for a new campervan service station. The new campervanservice area is on the south side of the first toilet building – close to the entrance of the campsite. Campervans no longer have to drive around the campsite to discharge their wastewater and tank fresh water.
Half of the old 6 amps pitchesare upgraded to 10 amps. Some tent sites gaine new power.
We got fast broadband – Hotspot – on most of the campsite. There are fiber optic cables and there are several masts on the whole campground, so most campers can be online.
We build a large playset on one of our playgrounds.
We got new mattresses in our cabinns.
There is a new AED in the reception.

A new jumping pillow and a big new swing at the playgrounds.
Improved WiFi.
Established ‘BlueCamp Denmark’ for marketing purposes.
In the long term
In the longer term we would like to divide Bunken Strand Camping in specific areas. We imagine, for example, a part of the campsite with more trees and shrubs and thus creating more “nature pitches”. Another idea is to create a child-friendly section, where it is forbidden for cars. We would also like to build  “luxury places”, which are extra large and have water- and sewerage-connection.