The manager

Helle and Dick Kooij
We are the managers on Bunken Strand Camping. We have been camping our entire life in many countries in Europa. We have also cruised with rented motorhomes in the US of A, South Africa and New Zealand. Last but not least have we been camping almost every spring on Bunken Strand Camping.

Until 2012, we lived on a small farm in the countryside to the west of Aalborg. We have 2 children – Niels is 17 years and Emil is 16 years old.

Dick is from The Netherlands. The first holiday abroad with his parents was to Denmark, when he was 4 years old. Dick studied at the Agriculture University of Wageningen. His first job was at the University of Exeter in the south-west of England, where he lived more than 4 years. The following jobs were in Copenhagen and The Hague. In 1997, Dick moved to Denmark, where he bought a small farm. Besides the work at home, he worked at dairy farms to supply his income.The farm has been sold now.In 2011 Dick became manager at Bunken Strand Camping.

Helle grew up in a small village not far from Bunken. Helle’s family enjoyed many weekends in spring on Bunken Strand Camping. Helle studied physiotherapy. Helle works outside the campground as a head of department in the Frederikshavn Municipality. She helps on the campground in the weekends and the holidays.