Seasonal pitches

Bunken Strand Camping has in 2021 about 150 seasonal pitches. These pitches are spread out over the whole campground.

All seasonal pitches have an Electric meter. Price per kW is 3.50kr.
Children under 18 years living at home are included in the price.
Grandchildren under 14 years who are staying with their grandparents are free of charge.
Dayguests are free.
Free WiFI covering about 80% of our campsite.
Seasonal guests are welcome to loan or rent out their caravan, These guests pay for the nights they stay at the campground. They pay a reduced price per night and no fee for the place. Adults pay 85kr in highseason and 65kr in lowseason. Children pay 49kr in highseason and 43kr in lowseason.

Seasonal pitches cannot be used constantly for the whole period of time. Seasonal pitches are for campers that stay a few days or weeks, go home a few days or weeks, and come again. One can come and go as often as one wants. In spring sæson the pitch can be used maximum 45 nights and in autumn season 23 nights. If you want to stay more nights, please ask the manager for a price.

Payment of seasonal pitches is at the start of the season.

Spring season pitch: 26.3. - 27.6. 2021 
Pitch feeDKK 3.000
Adults per personDKK 500
DogDKK 50
Electricity hook upDKK 100
Extra fee for pitches closest to the dunes (pitches 426-444 and 640-654)DKK 300
Extra week 27 juni - 4 juli 2021DKK 1000
Extra weeks 27 June - 11 July 2021DKK 2.500
Summer season pitch: 26.3. - 26.9. 2021 
Pitch feeDKK 7.750
Adults per personDKK 1.000
DogDKK 100
Electricity hook upDKK 250
Extra fee for pitches closest to the dunes (pitches 426-444)DKK 500
Autumn season pitch: 8.8. - 26.9. 2021 
Pitch feeDKK 1.800
Adults per personDKK 300
DogDKK 30
Electricity hook upDKK 50
Extra fee for pitches closest to the dunes (pitches 426-444 and 640-654)DKK 100


Caravan winter storage: 400DKr